Gillian Spraggs (wolfinthewood) wrote,
Gillian Spraggs

A Christmas Prognostication

Lordynges, I warne yow al be-forne,
Yef that day that Cryste was borne
Falle uppon a Sunday,
That wynter shalbe good par fay,
But grete wyndes alofte shalbe,
The somer shalbe fayre and drye;
By kynde skylle, wyth-owtyn lesse,
Throw all londes shalbe peas,
And good tyme all thyngs to don;
But he that stelythe, he shalbe fownde sone;
Whate chylde that day borne be,
A grete lorde he shalle ge …

Fifteenth century

from Specimens of Old Christmas Carols selected from Manuscripts and Printed Books, edited by Thomas Wright for the Percy Society, 1841

Happy Christmas to my friends online.
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